Monday, April 30, 2012

+Day 12: Worst makeup product you ever bought?

Oh man, I don't come across horrible makeup very often so this is hard for me!
But, I think I have to go with Wet N Wild's mega liner liquid eyeliner! I even wrote a review on it over on beautylish !

"After reading a lot of reviews on this, I was super hopeful that I would love this! But alas, I have been quite dissapointed. I don't like how stiff the applicator tip is. I need a little flexibility with my liners and this does not have that. I know it says it's waterproof, and it is! But not being able to come off completely with makeup remover is a problem for me. I have to use makeup remover PLUS vaseline, which isn't so bad, but still a bit annoying. If i get too much on my eyes, it will find its was onto my lashes and clump them together. It's so awful trying to get it off of them and I'm left with red puffy eyes. I love all of Wet N Wild's products, but this was a huge miss for me."



  1. I've always been curious about these liners. Maybe I won't be checking them out now. I hate products that are too waterproof.

    1. It was just not worth my money and i threw it out after that awful experience :c