Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 +Day 1: What is your favorite brand, and 5 top products from there?
+Day 2: Do you own any makeup palettes? What are they?
+Day 3: Who is your biggest makeup inspiration, and why?
+Day 4: How many individual makeup items do you own?
+Day 5: Lipstick, lipgloss, or lipstain - and top 3 shades
+Day 6: List every foundation you've ever used, from best to worst
+Day 7: Eyeliner everyday? Liquid, pencil, or gel?
+Day 8: How many new products do you purchase per month?
+Day 9: Last two makeup items you used up completely?
+Day 10: Biggest makeup pet peeve?
+Day 11: What is your normal daily makeup?
+Day 12: Worst makeup product you ever bought?
+Day 13: Why do you wear makeup?
+Day 14: What is your favorite makeup look that you want to recreate? 

What better way to get this blog going than a makeup challenge? :) I think this will be quite fun and relaxing to do! Can't wait to see what everyone else puts!


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