Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to be making a post about my experience at LUSH and the products I bought! Unfortunately, we don't have a store here, so being able to finally go to one was really something special for me :) There is one 2-3 hours away but with gas so crazy, it'd be hard to go there all the time :o I do believe I will start ordering things online though! 

Anyways, they have a new cosmetic line out called Emotional Brilliance that was really amazing! The employee there (Kaylin? I hope that's right, but i'm sorry if i'm wrong! ;o;) who was so kind and amazingly helpful! There was a color wheel that you spinned and once it stopped you picked the first three colors that came to your mind. Each color has a name to it that names a current state of mind you are in! I'll write in what their LUSH Times says:

"All colour reading are of your emotional state at this moment in time. Emotions may change as the day goes on. You may feel you need to be IN CHARGE in the morning but by the evening you happy to simply have CHARM. The amazing thing about Emotional Brilliance, is that this is exactly how your life can be from now on. Choose your colours instinctively. Don't spend time analyzing what to choose. See what those colours say about how you are today. Look at them individually and then as a group and see how they support each other. There is no right or wrong way to wear them or to interpret them. It is whatever makes sense to you. This really is colour that is all about YOU."

The colors that I got were CONTROLFEELING SECURE, and INTUITIVE

Now I wasn't planning on buying any of these so I didn't. But they all are very rich and pigmented and I think would be worth the money! If this is something that they are going to keep, I think over time, I will be purchasing some of these! Control was such a beautiful navy-cerulean color and would look amazing as a winged liner! Feeling Secure was a very bright purple color! This color would look really neat contoured on the cheecks very very lightly! And lastly, Intuitive is an extremely pale shimmery green that would be a beautiful highlight color! Now the purple and blue did stain my skin when I swatched them, but I think with a primer and base it will help prevent that!

I ended up buying SAKURA which has a very soft floral scent. It's a very large bath bomb that's milky white with light blue and red flecks throughout it. It almost reminds me of those large Jaw Breakers! I haven't tried it out yet but when I do I'll be sure to write a separate post about it! 
I also bought Geo Phyzz for my mom because she has arthritis and joint problems. She really loved the scent of Geo Phyzz and i'll ask her about it once she uses it! :) 

Something I was also very eager about trying was their massage bars! I ended up purchasing HEAVANILLI which I THINK smells more like chocolate! I can smell the vanilla but man, I just can't get over that chocolate smell! I just want to eat it! :p
This massage bar is very creamy and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth! I had a really weird moment on the trip where my legs just got super itchy. I rubbed some of Heavanilli on the itchy spots and instantly felt so much better! I highly suggest trying this one out!

Now there was a kinda crappy part of the trip which was me breaking out on my chin :C I asked Kaylin about what products would help me out with minor breakouts and she suggested a few items with witch hazel. Now I used to be able to use witch hazel, but recently when i've used it, it's actually made my skin worse! So after telling her that, she told me about FRESH FARMACY! I've used it twice and already can tell a slight improvement in my problematic spots!

I'm pretty head over heels in love with LUSH now and can't wait to get my hands on more of their products! If any of you have tried something, let me know what and i'll look into it! :D

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!


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