Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HUGE change of plans!


And the reason? WHITE CASTLE, DUH!

Well, that's just one of the reasons ;p

But we've wanted to go there for a while, but just never could get a chance to! But I think it would just be just more...of a vacation to go there over KC. It's going to be a longer trip, but I am totally okay with that! I love road trips and car rides are so relaxing for me. Hopefully we'll have enough gas money and spending money :p But regardless of money, i'm going to have fun no matter what since I'll have my man sauce with me. OH! And my aunt and unlce live there too! I'm super excited to go visit them! My boyfriend hasn't met most of my family so this will be a special treat!

Now the highlight of this trip will be visiting MAC and whatever other beauty stores are there! I'm determined to buy a buttload of makeup since I haven't bought any in a while!

Over all, i'm so overly excited and just am hoping to have a safe and happy trip! Once I get back I will have more time to put towards making some videos and blogs :) Hope you all are doing well!


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