Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Makeup for a friend...

So my best friend is extremely artistic and talented and has her own OC (orginal character) named Griff!

(art by my friend katie)

and in his human form he looks like this!

(art by my friend katie)

Griff is part Barn Owl part Cat! I based my look of the picture above but made it work with more of my face shape! It didn't turn out perfect, but was super fun to do and i'm very happy with the results! The video isn't the best, but I do have some pictures of the finished result! Hope you enjoy!

-elf eye primer
-coastal scents 88 palette
-wet n wild color icon liner in black
-maybelline studio gel liner
-nyx jumbo eye pencils in black bean and milk
-sigma paris palette
-rimmel stay matte pressed powder
-wet n wild vanity palette

(shy griff hehehe)

ALSO not shown in the video was that I applied blush to the lips and tip of my nose! Not just the cheeks :3

Okay, I hope you all enjoyed this and Katie I hope you like how this turned out!!


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