Monday, June 4, 2012



So although I haven't been watching the series (for my own personal reasons) I know how popular and loved this show is! One of my dearest friends kinda helped me with the idea for colors for this look too! I'm not 100% happy with this look, so I think I will do one or two more interpretations! But I hope you guys do like this look nonetheless :) I had a lot of fun with it!

Okay so I primed my eyes first with ELF's eye primer, then I took MILK (NYX's jumbo eye pencil) and applied it all over my lid, under my eyes, and used it as a highlight under my brow. I then blended it all out.

I then took a couple of shimmery white colors and really packed them into the inner corners of my eyes and then swept them right under the inner corners on the bottom lash line.

I took the lightest shade of blue from the paris palette (orsay) and applied it to the middle of my lids. I also added the medium blue (louvre) to the end of the lid and took the darkest blue (seine) and swept in into the crease and down under my bottom lash line (just on the very outer corner) I then took that middle shade of blue again, and applied some more of it on my lid and blended it with orsay, and then applied it and blended it on my lower lash line.

I took a soft taupe color and used it to blend out the harsh blue lines along my crease and blended it up just under my highlight. 

Using a coppery/coffee color of shadow and an angled brush, I lightly applied it along the top of my upper lashline.

Curled my lashes and applied a little mascara

then added a nude lip and some darker blush to my cheeks and was done! :)
I hope you all like this look! Be expecting another variation of this in the next week or so! 



  1. it's gorgeous! you are so, so fucking pretty. it's perfect for korra and your makeup skills are unparalleled

    1. RILEY THANK YOU SO MUCH!! it means a lot since you are a korra fan (i am too i just haven't watched it yet cause i am lame???) You will have to throw some more ideas at me for future looks! :D

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    1. Thank you so much! it means a lot :3