Friday, June 8, 2012



So for my fandom inspired look today, I chose to do my favorite pokemon, Victreebel!
Here are some pictures of the look :)

Prime your eyes

Apply a nice white base using NYX's jumbo eye pencil in milk

apply the white base all around your eye, if you look crazy, you're doing it right! :p

(( now these next few photos are just of what colors i used! sorry i didnt get any application shots! ))

apply a matte yellow on your lid. pack it on good!

then take a shimmery yellow and apply it over the matte yellow and along the inner corner of your eyes and down to your bottom lashline

apply a shimmery yellow-y green on the outer part of your lid, blending it in towards the yellow

take a slightly darker green and work it into the crease and along the bottom of your lashes. take a very very dark green and apply the color into your lashline. add a bright pinky blush, some mascara, and pink lipstick of choice :)

now victreebel has these shapes all along its body, so i took MILK and drew little shapes just around my eyes. I filled them in with a light green then went in with a darker green to kinda add some depth and more shape to it. Throw on a wig and a yellow dress, and you're good to go! :D



  1. it looks amazing. you are so so gorgeous.

    1. thank you riley! and so are you~ :D

  2. Hey hun. I just nominated you for a blog award